ANF Jobs 2022 – Latest Jobs in Anti Narcotics Force 2022

Latest Jobs in Anti Narcotics Force

Are you interested in a career in the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF)? The Anti-Narcotics Force is a law enforcement agency in Pakistan, responsible for the control of smuggling and illegal use of narcotics. It provides pharmacological assistance to drug addicts and destroys narcotic assets. You can apply online or in person to become a member of this powerful force.

Anti-Narcotics Force is a law enforcement agency in Pakistan

The Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) is a law enforcement agency in Pakistan that coordinates and prosecutes drug crimes. The ANF is a civil law enforcement agency that operates with about 1,500 members, although the force has an authorized strength of 2,552 personnel. Besides the ANF, other organizations involved in narcotics control, including the Frontier Corps, the Airport Security Force, and the Pakistan Rangers, are also involved in the drug war. Additionally, there is a Provincial Police in Sindh, Balochistan, and the NWFP. In the beginning, the ANF was a federal law enforcement agency.

In 2013, the ANF assisted 26 other international drug law enforcement agencies and arrested 47 foreign drug smugglers. In addition, the agency established seven Special Courts in Pakistan and prioritized prosecution in those courts. As a result, the conviction rate rose to 92%, and people are no longer willing to fall into the trap of drug traffickers. Since 2013, the ANF has forfeited or frozen over Rs 126 million in assets of drug traffickers.

It is responsible for controlling smuggling and illegal use of illegal drugs

The Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) is a federal executive bureau of Pakistan. The ANF is charged with the task of combating narcotics smuggling and usage in Pakistan. The ANF functions under the Ministry of Narcotcs Control and the Pakistan Army. According to the ANF Act 1997, any competent person can be appointed as Director General. Major General Musarrat Nawaz Malik HI(M) is deputed as Director General and is a two star Army officer. The ANF investigates drug related cases from both inside and outside the country.

HSI works closely with foreign partners to control the smuggling of controlled substances. It also combats the distribution of illicit opioids via international mail facilities and express consignment centers. ANF uses cutting-edge technology to discourage illicit trade in controlled substances and counter illicit use of virtual currencies. Its multidisciplinary efforts include partnerships with federal, state and local law enforcement.

It provides pharmacological assistance to addicts

Medications are often prescribed to help combat addictions. These drugs often involve a variety of different techniques, including Craving Reduction Therapy and Aversion Therapy. The former helps the patient feel an unpleasant reaction to the substance they’re addicted to, thereby dissuading them from returning to that behaviour. Craving Reduction Therapy, on the other hand, helps the addict control the urges to engage in the addictive behavior. Various substances can be substituted for the harmful substance.

It takes illegal assets and destroys narcotics

The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol seizes millions of pounds of illegal drugs and turns them over to the Drug Enforcement Agency, which destroys them using EPA-approved incinerators. The agency also burns contraband drugs at a lab. While these actions are necessary, the disposal of drug evidence poses risks, because it may be stolen and sold. To combat this problem, law enforcement officials are examining new methods of destruction.

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