Online check Ehsaas Program

How to Online Check Ehsaas Program Eligibility

You should use your CNIC number to know if you are eligible for the Ehsaas program. You can use this number to register online.

The second step involves submitting your receipt, including your name, CNIC number, family number, and mobile phone number. You can also use Malum Karen to know if you are eligible for the program. Once you receive positive results, you can visit polling centers to vote.

CNIC number

Must enter your CNIC number in the relevant field. Here, you will need to register an account and enter your CNIC number to check the status of your application.

A message will tell you whether your application has been approved or rejected. Moreover, the Ehsaas Program management will contact you to distribute the cash you have applied for. This program is for poor and needy people and not for those with a lot of money.

There are other methods of checking the status of your application for the Ehsaas Program. The first is SMS. By SMS, you can narrow your eligibility for the program. Alternatively, you can visit the Emergency Cash Application/Registration Web Portal.

You can also check your Ehsaas Kafalat eligibility through SMS. Receive the first SMS from the program, which will be Rs. 12000. The money is distributed to deserving people through Bank Habib and Bank Alfalah branches.

If you are an eligible family, you can check the status of your application through the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program portal. This portal will also let you track the status of your application, so you can continue to make payments until September 30. cash payment by September 30. You can also use this CNIC number to check the status of your application online.

Online registration

The registration process for the Ehsaas program can be completed online. You will need to have your private Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC) number to register. Family members send an SMS to 8171 and verify that it is part of the Ehsaas Program. the registration fee of Rs. 12,000.

This is the basis of the social protection program. Once the registration is completed, millions of families in 70 districts will receive their sponsored benefits. After this, other areas will be included in the program. It is important to note that the registration process for the Ehsaas program opens in the fall of 2019.

You can also register for the Ehsaas program using your mobile phone. If you have a CNIC, you need to link your SIM with the CNIC to receive your loan. You can also download the Ehsaas application app from the Google Play Store. If you do not have a smartphone, you can register for the program using a web browser.

Procedure to check eligibility

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