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Sonics VPN – Fast VPN proxy

Sonics VPN – Fast VPN proxy
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Sonics VPN is a protected, quick and free VPN intermediary for Android.
Sidestep geo limitations and openly access sites and application administrations in 40+ nations and areas all over the planet from anyplace with the assistance of our VPN administration.
In excess of 5,000 high velocity VPN waiters are accommodated video web based/social/gaming/P2P downloading purposes, permitting you to partake in a ultra quick and stable web riding experience.

What you can profit from Sonics VPN:

Scrambled and safeguarded associations
Scramble network traffic, safeguard web association, forestall individual information spillage brought about by malevolent interference

Accelerate web association
Committed servers for recordings, games, social stages and deluges downloading to guarantee bursting quick and further developed associations

Guard online security
Conceal your web-based character and keep your web-based protection information from being gathered by sites and promoters

Try not to pester spring up advertisements
Sift through spam messages and promotions, partake in a perfect web riding experience and moreover further develop page stacking speed

Remain protected on open wifi
You can utilize public wifi networks securely, associating with Sonics VPN regardless of in bistro or inn, without agonizing over significant information breaks

Unblock school wifi
VPN is the best method for getting through the school wifi organization and have non-confined admittance to the web assets. A single tick association with Sonics VPN, effectively unblock the limitations of school network heads

Change IP address
Sonics VPN assists switch and conceal your genuine IP with tending to. 10000+ IP addresses from 40+ areas overall for you to pick

Being unknown on the web
Associating with VPN and surfing namelessly, neither your web access supplier nor programmers can know your exercises on the web

Open worldwide diversion
Sidestep geo-limitations and stream worldwide diversion satisfied with Sonics VPN, partake in the unblocked admittance to your number one sites, motion pictures, Programs, music, games, and so on.

Sidestep oversight
Whether you’re voyaging or living in an edited country, Sonics VPN helps sidestep the restriction and permit your unreservedly access the web from any country on the planet

Why pick Sonics VPN:
✓ 5000+ ultra quick VPN servers, 40+ virtual areas, 10000+ IP addresses
✓ Various high level VPN conventions to guarantee quick and stable organization associations
✓ No-log strategy, we vow to never screen/track/record any use information of clients, and never present your login and access data in line with any organization or association
✓ Limitless traffic and data transmission, quick association with the web
✓ Block promotions on sites or in applications
✓ Sift through email spam
✓ Part burrowing, permitting to uninhibitedly pick the applications or sites that ought to be directed through the VPN
✓ One membership allows you to interface limitless gadgets
✓ 7 days free preliminary for new clients
✓ Easy to utilize, one-tap association
✓ 7/24 web-based client support

Ways to utilize Sonics VPN:
1. To ensure a quicker network speed, for instance, while you’re playing a game on an abroad server, it is prescribed to interface with a server that is nearer to your game server in Sonics VPN to lessen game ping.
2. To utilize nearby administrations that require confirmation, for example, banking applications, social stages, and so on, without influencing the ordinary admittance to them, and simultaneously keeping up with the protection of other site access, we unequivocally prescribe to empower Split Burrowing capability in Sonics VPN.
3. Subsequent to associating with the VPN server, Sonic VPN will continue running behind the scenes, scrambling and safeguarding the traffic information on your cell phone, regardless of whether you shut the application window. Thus, to switch off the VPN, if it’s not too much trouble, click the application symbol to resume the window, and afterward click the button in the screen to close the VPN association at long last.

Get in touch with us: support@sonicsvpn.com
Official site: www.sonicsvpn.com

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Sonics VPN – Fast VPN proxy
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